Hyperflex-13 Coaxial Cable

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  • Hyperflex-13 coaxial cable

Hyperflex-10 by the Italian manufacturer Messi & Paoloni: At Messi & Paoloni, 'Hyper' refers to a cable with many and very fine strands as the inner conductor. This makes the cable more flexible and has even less attenuation than other cables with a similar structure. The half-inch cable Hyperflex-13 is therefore suitable for applications far into the GHz range such as WLAN on 5GHz, or also radar. The stranded inner conductor has a diameter of approx. 4mm and is made of 37 individual wires of tempered, high-purity copper (99.99% purity). Other cables use only 19 thicker wires here. It fits the connectors for other half-inch cables such as Ultraflex-13.

Applications: Amateur radio in the GHz range, satellite radio where high flexibility of the cable is required, applications with high transmission power, radar, medical technology.

Attenuation on 144 MHz: 3.6dB/100m.

Technical Data
Product Name 40009.X
Cable type Hyperflex-13
Brand Messi e Paoloni
Attenuation 2320 MHz (dB/100m) 16.7
Attenuation 1296 MHz (dB) 11.7
Attenuation 432 MHz (dB) 6.4
Attenuation 144 MHz (dB) 3.6
Attenuation 30 MHz (dB) 1.5
Attenuation 5000 MHz (dB) 25.6
Attenuation 6000 MHz (dB) 28.7
Bend Radius (mm) 80
Velocity Factor 0.86
Max. Power @ 10 MHz 8321
Max. Power @ 144 MHz 2396
Max. Power @ 1000 MHz 907
Max. Peak Power 20000
Structure of the inner conductor Stranded Wire (37 x 0.56 mm)
Diameter center conductor 3.8 mm
Weight per Meter 175 g
Cable diameter [mm] 12.7

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