I0JXX 50 MHz Yagi antennas

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Top Features

  • Very high quality workmanship
  • Simple installation
  • 5, 6 or 7 elements
  • N-type connector
  • Maximum transmit power 1000 W

Supply Scope

  • I0JXX 50 MHz Yagi, as selected
  • Mounting bracket for masts Ø 35 - 65 mm
  • Guying material for boom (only variants with 6 and 7 elements)

Technical description

The 50 MHz band, also known as the 6 meter band or "Magic Band", is a frequency band in the high frequency range of the electromagnetic spectrum. It extends from 50 MHz to 52 MHz and is used by radio amateurs and other communications services worldwide.

I0JXX provides straightforward access to this fascinating frequency range with these high-quality and thoughtfully designed JXX6 series Yagi antennas, available with 5, 6 or 7 elements. Even the largest version with a boom length of 9.40 m can be easily transported in disassembled condition, e.g. to the next field day: None of the boom parts, consisting of anodized aluminum round tube, exceeds a length of 1.45 m. The antenna can be easily transported to the next field day. 

The abundantly illustrated assembly instructions (EN/IT/FR/IT) contribute to a quick and correct assembly.

As connection for the coaxial cable serves an N-connector, which is located at the feed point. All antennas of this series can handle transmitting powers up to 1000 watts and can be mounted on antenna masts with a diameter of 35 - 60 mm. 

For the models with 6 and 7 elements, the boom is braced, the necessary guy ropes and the mounting material are of course included. Therefore, please allow sufficient "space upwards" on the mast before mounting.

Application description

The special feature of the 50 MHz band is that it is located in an area of the radio frequency spectrum which by nature has good characteristics for overreach (DX). This means that signals can travel long distances due to atmospheric conditions, reflections or refractions in the ionosphere, and other factors, enabling long-range communications.

The 50 MHz band also offers interesting characteristics for meteorological phenomena such as Sporadic-E, where signals can reflect over long distances due to reflections off ionized layers in the high atmosphere. This allows low-power radio amateurs with simple antennas to achieve amazing ranges.

The 50 MHz band is also known for its use in tropospheric overreach (Tropo-DX) communications, where signals can be reflected over long distances due to atmospheric inversion layers and other meteorological conditions, resulting in extended communications ranges.

Overall, the 50 MHz band's special characteristics make it a fascinating frequency band for anyone interested in overreach communications and radio propagation research.

Technical Data
Product Name I0JXX 50 MHz Yagi antennas
Antenna mount Center Mount
Antenna Type Directional Antenna
Design of antenna Yagi
Band 6m
Brand I0JXX
Max. Power [W] 1000 W
Polarisation Horizontal
Balun Included Yes
Strut no
Max. Mast Diameter [mm] 60
Max. Windspeed (km/h) 160
Number of connectors 1

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