I0JXX LogPer antennas, 50-1296 MHz

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Top Features

  • 2 different Frequency ranges available
  • High quality processing
  • N-connection

Discover the remarkable performance of the I0JXX Logarithmic Periodic Arrays!

They are specifically designed to give you outstanding performance, wide frequency coverage, premium directivity, signal strength and improved reception quality. 

Depending on the model, the antennas offer frequency coverage from 

50 MHz up to 1296 MHz, 24-element (18470.LOG50) or

100 MHz to 1296 MHz, 20-element (18470.LOG100),

making them a versatile option for a variety of applications. Whether to be used for amateur radio operation, emergency communications or other applications, I0JXX's LogPer antennas are an excellent choice. 

The high-quality construction and rugged design make these antennas durable and weatherproof, so you don't have to worry about its performance in various weather conditions. Even wind speeds of up to 120 km/h are no problem for these antennas.

These log-periodic antennas come with everything you need to install them easily and quickly, and the larger 24-element version also includes guying material for the boom. Thanks to the amply illustrated assembly instructions, installation is swift and smooth.

Coaxial power is supplied via a single N jack, and transmit power levels of up to 200 watts are possible.

Technical Data
Product Name I0JXX LogPer antennas, 50-1296 MHz
Antenna mount Center Mount
Antenna Type Directional Antenna
Design of antenna Log.Per.
Brand I0JXX
Max. Power [W] 200 W
Mono-/Multiband Multiband
Number of connectors 1
Polarisation Horizontal
Boom Size 25/30 mm
Strut no
Max. Mast Diameter [mm] 60
Connector A N Socket
I0JXX LogPer antennas, 50-1296 MHz
I0JXX LogPer antennas, 50-1296 MHz

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As low as: €350.00
incl. VAT, plus shipping €294.12

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