Icom IC-2730E

Icom IC-2730E

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True dual band FM transceiver for mobile use with Bluetooth option

The Icom IC-2730E offers true dual band operation, allowing for simultaneous use of VHF and UHF with two receivers, even on the same band (V/U, V/V, U/U). The relevant operating controls are present separately for each band, allowing for a very easy and hasslefree operation even in the car. The ease of use is also supported by the large, high-contrast white LC display.

The transmitter uses robust power amplifier modules, providing strong 50 W transmit power on each band. Of course the transmit power level can be reduced (15W, 5W). More than 1000 memories help you to organise your most often used frequencies, and manage them at ease. The receiver covers 118 to 174 and 375 to 550 MHz and can therefore be used to monitor airband radio (AM) or marine radio (FM) or other services.

The control panel is used separated from the main body of the radio, a cable is supplied with the IC-2730E. If you prefer to have the control panel mounted to the main radio the optional mounting kit MBA-4 is available. For flexible installation of the control ehad in a car or in the shack the tilt/swivel base MBF-1 can be used, this requires the optional magnet bracket MBA-5 as well. The MBF-4 bracket is an option to mount the main body of the radio in the trunk of a car.

A very special feature of the IC-2730E is the ability to upgrade it with a Bluetooth option (UT-133). This option enables you to use the radio with a Bluetooth headset from the distance. Icom offers the VS-3 BT headset. It has a PTT switch but can also be used hands-free by VOX. Further the VS-3 offers three push buttons for other remote control functions of the radio.

The programming software CS-2730 is offered for free download from Icoms website. This software allows you to manage the many memories and settings of your radio on your computer, you can store different setups depending on use rprofile andm uch more. The use of the free CS-2730 requires an optional programming cable.

Many other functions like CTCSS, DTCS, supplied remote control microphone and much more make the IC-2730E a perfect mobile radio for use at home of in the car.

Further features of the IC-2730E

  • 50 CTCSS Subtone frequencies
  • Digital selective call DTCS
  • Free CS-2730 Programming Software
  • Several scanning options
  • DTMF dialer memories
  • Squelch Delay
  • Attenuator
  • Automatic muting of subband
  • Automatic power down
  • Transmit time limiter
  • Narrow FM for operation within 12.5 kHz steps
  • and much more

Included in shipment is:

  • IC-2730E Control head
  • IC-2730E Main radio
  • Hand microphon with remote control HM-207
  • Separation Cable for control head
  • Microphone holder
  • Power supply cable
  • Spare Fuse
Technical Data
Weight [kg] 1.30 kgs


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