Mounting frame for Icom IC-705

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  • Mounting frame for IC-705
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Protective frame for IC-705

Peovi is known for its ingeniously designed mounting frames for professional camera rigs. The frames are robust and allow a wide range of mounting options. The manufacturer from the USA has now applied the same idea to the IC-705 - the result is the IC-705.CAGE.

The professionally manufactured aluminium frame encloses the transceiver and offers perfect protection, not only during outdoor activities. Mounting is very simple and stable, using the existing screw holes on the underside of the IC-705.

In operation, the mounting frame offers a way to place the transceiver at a slight angle on a smooth surface. The two front handles protect the operating elements. The handle on top is used for transport and can be folded back. Around the protective frame there are many other threaded holes (1/4") that allow mounting of accessories such as tuners, antenna holders, etc. or secure mounting in the vehicle or boat.

Even with the IC-705 cage mounted, all connections around the unit are still available, the battery (all sizes) can remain mounted and can still be replaced. The mounting plate at the bottom still has a threaded hole for a tripod screw, so the mini transceiver can still be mounted on the usual accessory tripods. Despite the solid design of the mounting frame, the IC-705 still fits into the compartment of the Icom LC-192 backpack.

Technical Data
Product Name IC-705.CAGE
Material Aluminium
Weight 350 g
Color Black
Suitable for IC-705
Brand WiMo

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