Icom IC-7700

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  • DC cable
  • replacement fuses
  • plug

WIMO Expert opinion

Enjoy the one top receiver, so even difficult situations in the contest are easily mastered. With the clear color display including spectrumscope, you always have a complete overview of what is happening on the bands. The powerful RF output power of 200 W makes a power amplifier unnecessary under certain circumstances. The device offers exceptional noise suppression to give you excellent intelligibility in contests and when DXing.
Please also note that the complexity of the device may require a certain amount of training, but this will definitely pay off if you want to exploit its full potential.
Christoph Bothe Christoph Bothe DL4EX WiMo Head of Technical Support

Dreams become true! If the IC-7800 was too large (for your desk or our wallet) - the best radio technology has moved within your range. The new Icom IC-7700 offers the best receiver technology, based on the profound experiences by Icom engineers. Plus a clean 200W transmitter, using 48V transistor technology for best linearity, the power supply is integrated. A newly designed bandfilter with large components and relays instead of pin diodes (all to alleviate intermod distortions) works in conjunction with the new "Digi-Sel" pre selector and achieves an IP3 of +40dBm at a dynamic range of 110dB! The straightforward receiver design (double superhet) with it's three selectable roofing filters warrants an unsurpassed receiver. This makes the IC-7700 an ideal radio for the ambitious contester and DX chaser.

  • IP3: +40dBm
  • IP2: +110dBm
  • Dynamic range: 110dB
  • 3, 6 and 15 kHz Roofing filter
  • Digi-Sel Pre selector
  • Selectable pre-amplifiers, separate for HF and 50MHz
  • IF-DSP for programmable filters
  • AGC loop without pumping and pulsing noise
  • Highly stable OCXO ± 0,05ppm
  • 7" TFT screen, external VGA connector
  • USB connectors for storage and keyboard
  • RTTY and PSK31 operation without computer possible
  • Four switchable antenna connectors
  • Realtime spectrum scope, selectable bandwidth
  • Excellent noise reduction (NR)
  • Adjustable, very effective noise blanker
  • S/P-DIF optical connections for AF
  • Ethernet connection for firmware upgrades
  • 200 W transmit power
  • 100 memories
  • Microphone Equalizer
  • Automatic Antenna tuner integrated
  • Memory keyer for telegraphy
  • Full QSK
  • and many more...

Please note that no microphone is included with the IC-700!

Technical Data
Product Name IC-7700
4 m Band TX capable No, modification not possible
6 m Band TX capable Yes, as shipped
60 m Band TX capable Yes, modification required
Brand Icom
Weight 22.5 kg
Bluetooth Interface No
Icom IC-7700
Icom IC-7700

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incl. VAT, plus shipping €4,915.13

No longer available

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