Icom IC-A25NE Airband radio

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Top Features

  • 6W PEP AM output power
  • Large, easy to read 2.3" display
  • Direct access to emergency frequency 121.5 MHz
  • VOR navigation display
  • GPS
  • 25- and 8.33-khz grid
  • PC programmable
  • Bluetooth

Supply Scope

  • IC-A25NE aircraft radio
  • Battery BP-288
  • Battery case BP-289
  • Quick charger BC-224 (incl. mains adapter BC-123SE)
  • Headset adapter cable OPC-2379
  • Antenna FA-B02AR
  • Belt clip MB-133
  • Hand strap

Technical description IC-A25NE

The very extensively equipped Icom IC-A25NE transmits and receives in the VHF airband. Special attention was paid to simple and intuitive operation. For voice communication in AM, the 25 and 8.33 kHz frequency grids are supported. To improve range, the transmit power has been increased to 6 watts. Of course, the IC-A25NE can also be used for VOR and GPS navigation. The internal speaker with 1200 mW AF output power provides loud and clear voice output. The large 2.4" display is high-contrast and very easy to read, even in direct sunlight. Important and frequently used functions can be called up directly via the keyboard, eliminating the need to search for corresponding menu items. Direct access to the international emergency frequency 121.5 MHz is also available.

The included, intelligent battery with 2350 mAh allows operating times of up to 10.5 hours*. Also included is a battery empty case for 6 AA alkaline batteries. The device housing is protected against water and dust according to protection class IP57.

The 300 memory locations are divided into 15 banks and can be named with 12-character names each. VFO, memory and priority search are supported to quickly find active frequencies.

Frequency ranges:

RX: 108.000 - 136.992 MHz

TX: 118.000 - 136.992 MHz

Antenna connector: BNC socket

The device complies with the radio technical requirements according to ETSI EN 300676-2

* (at typ. operation 5:5:90, TX : RX : stand-by, Bluetooth off, GPS on)

Application description IC-A25NE

For pilots and air sports enthusiasts, the Icom IC-A25NE offers, in addition to listening and talking in the AM aviation radio band, a whole range of other useful functions, such as the possibility of VOR navigation. A CDI (Course Deviation Indicator) shows the deviation from the set course, the OBS (Omni Bearing Selector) allows course changes from the original flight plan. The TO-FROM display provides information about the positional relationship between the own aircraft and the course selected by OBS; just as one is used to from VOR navigation. In addition, the built-in GPS receiver allows simplified waypoint navigation by accessing the current GPS (or GLONASS SBAS) position data. It is possible to navigate "direct-to" or based on a flight plan with up to 300 storable waypoints. Flight plans can be created, for example, via smartphone app for iOS™ or Android™ (to be released later) and transferred to the IC-A25NE via Bluetooth.

However, the GPS is also extremely helpful for VOR navigation. The search function allows nearby ground stations to be displayed in the station memory. To use the search function, the position data and the frequencies of the individual ground stations must be pre-programmed.

An existing headset can be easily connected with the included headset adapter cable, but Bluetooth headsets are also supported. 

Technical Data
Product Name IC-A25NE
TX Power [W] 6 W
Supported Bands VHF Airband
Number of Memories 300
Temperature Range -2°C - +55°C
Brand Icom
Weight 350 g
Antenna Connector BNC socket
Bluetooth Interface No
Connector BNC jack
Icom IC-A25NE Airband radio
Icom IC-A25NE Airband radio

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