Icom IC-R30 handheld scanner

Icom IC-R30 handheld scanner

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Top of the range handheld Scanner by IcoM: IC-R30 supports several digital modes for decoding and recording!

The Icom IC-R30 is a top class portable radio scanner. The features are similar to a desktop radio, as well as the reception characteristics. The IC-R30 offers a continous receive range from 0.1 to 3304 MHz. It does support classical analog modes like AM, FM, WFM SSB etc. and also the new and coming digital modes like D-Star, dPMR, DCR, NXDN and P25. The scanner supports two bands which can simultaneously receive different signals on different frequencies, which can also both be recorded at the same time. Of course there is a large selection of scan modes: memory scan, band-edge scan, auto-memory-write scan, priority scan and more. The Icom IC-R30 offers 2000 memories, which are grouped in 100 groups. This allows a fast and easy organsation of often used frequencies. Of course each memory can be tagged with a an 8 character long name.

A special highlight of this scanner is the built in GPS receiver. This allows you to find and record your own position, the IC-R30 can be used as a GPS tracker or NMEA receiver. A new efatire is the possibility to sort memories by distance to the own location. This is made possible by storing the location data together with other data items in each memory. As soon as you know your location, either by GPS or manual input, you get a list of transmitters sorted by distance. This is not only useful for amateur radio repeaters or broadcast staions! Further D-PRS (D-Star position) transmissions can be located by distance and direction when the own loation is known. This is a well known function from the D-Star network.

The supplied telescopic antenna is mounted on the topside SMA socket,, and can be used over a wide frequency range. Additionally a built i nAM antenna for LW and MW is available. And last but not least you can optionally select that the headphone cable is used as an antenna. An attenuator can be set in three levels to adjust for very strong signals, for example when a large external antenna is used. The frequency and volume controls (rotating knob on top, up/down button on side) can be swapped in function by the press of a button - that is a very convenient solution. The analog squelch can be set in 9 steps, and of course various code squelch options exist (CTCSS, DCS and so on).

The left side of the IC-R30 provide a slot for a Micro-SD memory card. This memory card is used for various functions. For one, you can store the entire setup of the receiver, including all memories on this card. This is useful for backup purposes, bt can also be used to clone the setup to another device. Further the SD-card can be used to record the positions of the receiver (tracking function) and it also holds the audio recordings made of a signal. With each audio recoding position and date/time are stored as well, the audio file itself is a normal WAV file which can be played back on a normal computer.

The micro USB socket of the IC-R30 serves for remote control via the well known CI-V CAT protocol, additionally you can output GPS or D-Star data streams. The same socket also serves as a charging input. That is very convenient when traveling and you have a wall charger for your mobile phone with you anyway. A USB cable is supplied. The built-in Bluetooth™ interface can be used to link to a BT headset, for example the VS-3 by Icom. For this headset the programmable buttons can be set to several functions, for example 'start recording'. This allows a very convenient and disguised operation of thereceiver.

Included in shipment is:

  • IC-R30 Scanner
  • BP-287 LiIon Battery
  • BC-123SE Power Supply
  • BC-223 Desktop Charger
  • MB-133 Belt Clip
  • Hand strap
  • Telescope antenna with knuckle
  • USB cable
  • Printed manuals (Basis) in DE, EN, ES, FR, IT

Icom offers free software for smartphones (Android and IOS) for the IC-R30 scanner. This makes the scanner completely remote controllable via Bluetooth. For details on the range of functions, please read the RS-R30 software brochure (PDF, English). The software (app) will be available for download via the respective offers for Android (Google Play Store) or IOS.

Technical Data
Frequency Range 0.1 - 3304.9 MHz
Supply Voltage 3.6
Number of Memories 2000
Size W x H x D 58 x 143 x 30.5 mm
Weight [kg] 0.31 kgs


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