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Icom ID-52E

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Top Features

  • Dual band 2m/70cm
  • D-Star + NFM + FM
  • Colour display
  • Receiver for WFM radio
  • Receiver for V/UHF aeronautical radio
  • GPS built-in
  • Protection class IPX-7

Supply Scope

  • ID-52E Radio
  • BP-272, 1880 mAh Battery
  • BC-167SD Charger
  • FA-S270C Antenna
  • MB-127 Belt clip
  • Carrying strap

WIMO Expert opinion

You benefit from the dual-band function to listen on two frequencies simultaneously, ideal for versatile use. Thanks to the color display, navigation through menus is made easier, allowing you to operate the device quickly and easily. The built-in GPS and D-Star open up the world of global radio contact via networked digital systems with high reliability. With the robust IPX7 certification, you can rest assured that your handheld radio will continue to function reliably even after brief submersion or even in heavy rain.
Full functionality may require training, as the multitude of functions and settings may be overwhelming at first. The additional rechargeable batteries, which provide more power, and the empty battery housing are optional, which means that a separate purchase is necessary for extended requirements.
Christoph Bothe Christoph Bothe DL4EX WiMo Head of Technical Support
Vorstellung des Icom ID-52E D-Star Dualband Handfunkgerätes Vorstellung des Icom ID-52E D-Star Dualband Handfunkgerätes
Vorstellung des Icom ID-52E D-Star Dualband Handfunkgerätes
Wir stellen die Eigenschaften und Funktionen des neuen Icom ID-52E vor - was kann das Gerät, was gibt es Neues, was könnte man noch verbessern?

Technical description ID-52E

The ID-52E is a robust dual-band handheld radio with very rich technical features. The 2.3" colour display allows a generous presentation of the settings as well as easy operation when programming and selecting the numerous menu options.

The transmitter is adjustable in 5 steps from 0.1 to 5 watts. The modulation types FM, NFM and D-Star are available.  The digital operating mode D-Star in particular allows worldwide operation via networked relay systems. The position information required for D-Star is provided by the built-in GPS/Glonass antenna.

To be able to survive as a daily companion in the field, the radio must be robust. For this purpose, the Icom ID-52E offers protection class IPX7. This means protection against short-term submersion, so you don't have to hide the radio every time it rains. The radio is easy to operate using the sensibly arranged controls on the front and top.

In addition to the amateur radio bands 144-146 and 430-440 MHz, the receiver also supports the WFM broadcast band and the VHF and UHF aeronautical bands with two receivers (dualwatch). Simultaneous reception on the V/U, U/U and V/V bands is possible in all combinations. Even two DV signals can be received and decoded simultaneously! The standard equipment of the ID-52E with Bluetooth guarantees the possibility of using wireless headsets and microphones. But control via free Android apps is also possible via Bluetooth, and an app for IOS has been announced.

Application description ID-52E

Reliability on the move and all the functions you expect from a top handheld radio - that's what the ID-52E from Icom offers. The comprehensive equipment guarantees fun and comfortable operation in all situations. Simultaneous operation on two bands (Dualwatch, VV, VU, UU) is possible, and that too in all operating modes. The ID-52E offers not only FM/NFM operation, but also the widely used digital mode D-Star. This allows worldwide operation via networked repeaters or the local hotspot. And of course, the ID-52E can also be operated in D-Star terminal mode and access point mode!

The colour display supports easy operation through clear presentation, the menu system is logically structured and very similar to other Icom devices, you immediately feel at home. The built-in Bluetooth interface can be used not only for audio functions (headset, hands-free system), but also for pairing with the smartphone - on which a number of free apps are then available. These programmes then allow remote control of the small transceiver, but also special functions such as image transmission of photos taken with the smartphone.

The battery supplied with the transceiver is powerful enough, and two other sizes are offered as options. And of course, a battery-empty case is available, by the way, all the same sizes as on the previous receiver and on other current Icom devices. This simplifies the equipment. A new feature of the ID-52E is that the USB socket can also be used to charge the battery. This means that not only are remote control and programming options available via USB, but there is always an almost universally available power source.

Technical Data
Product Name ID-52E
TX Power [W] 100 mW, 500 mW, 1 W, 2.5 W, 5 W
Supported Bands 2m, 70cm
Number of Memories > 1000
Temperature Range -20 ~ +60 °C
Brand Icom
Weight 295 g
Antenna Connector SMA socket
Bluetooth Interface Yes
Band 2m/70cm
Connector SMA socket
Founded in 1954, the Japanese company Icom is one of the best-known brands in the professional and amateur radio sector. Icom supplies analogue and digital radio systems for marine, aeronautics, professional radio and Amateur radio as well as satellite radio. With the ID-52E, Icom continues its strategy of offering only a few, but very well-equipped and high-quality handheld radios.
Icom ID-52E
Icom ID-52E

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