Omnidirectional antenna 5GHz 12 dBi MIMO

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5GHz Omni-directional antenna with two separate antenan systems with each 12 dBi gain! Linear polarization, suitable for all 2R2T MIMO accesspoints or routersworking on 5 GHz (802.11an, 802.11ac). Using a MIMO system resuklts in better data throughput and a more robust radio connection. The antenna is supplied with mounting material for mast installation and is used for illumination of warehouses, offices, concert halls or open spaces. Two N female conenctors on cable. Weatherproof, outdoor suitable, height approx. 50 cm, weight approx. 1 kg.
More Information
Radiator Type Omnidirectional
Title Omnidirectional antenna 5GHz 12 dBi MIMO
Short Description 2-fach MIMO Omni-Directional 802.11ag/802.11ac 5 GHz