Wifi Ethernet Bridge

Building networking with Ethernet bridges via WLAN

The WTP bridges are pre-configured systems that are very easy to put into operation even by inexperienced users. Simply screw them to the wall, attach the cable and you're done. The transmission is securely encrypted in the 5 GHz WLAN band. The bridges are set up in such a way that the German regulations regarding maximum permissible transmission power (TPC), dynamic frequency selection (DFS) and consideration of radar systems (radar detection) are complied with.

The WTP-5000 systems use MIMO antenna technology (802.11n) to achieve a more stable and faster transmission. The range of the bridges (in clear view) ranges from 200m to 5km, depending on the model. Up to 150 or 300 MBit/s transfer rate (gross) are possible. This corresponds to about 50 to 120 MBit/s net. This is sufficient speed for multiple video streams or multiple VoIP connections. The actually achievable WLAN data rates depend on the environment, possible obstacles and other participants in the 5 GHz WLAN band.

The alignment of the antennas is unproblematic - simply place behind it and take a rough bearing over the antenna. On the client side, 5 LEDs on the back indicate the respective level. For long distances you should inform yourself beforehand which direction to choose, Google Earth or Google Maps will help here. For the installation you need a compass, for this you can get free apps for your smartphone.

There are three models to choose from:

  • Maxi-WTP-5000: up to 5 km range, up to 300 MBit/s, ready to use, per side
  • Mini-WTP-5000: up to 800m range, up to 150 MBit/s, immediately ready for operation, each side
  • Nano-WTP-5000: up to approx. 200m range, up to 150 MBit/s, immediately ready for operation, each side

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