InnovAntennas 50 MHz Monoband LFA Yagis

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Top Features

  • Low noise dipole
  • Very good gain values

Supply Scope

  • Elements
  • Boom tubes
  • Mounting material
  • Pole clamp
  • Assembly instructions
  • guy ropes (only for 7 El. LFA-HD/-WOS and 8 El. LFA)

Technical description

The LFA Yagis from G0KSC represent a significant further development of the Yagi antennas. Due to the loop-shaped and phase-fed dipole, there are considerably fewer side lobes in the directivity pattern. Thus, less energy is absorbed from the sides or from behind, the antenna becomes quieter and achieves a higher gain in the main direction. 

Application description

We offer the antenna in different variants to cover as many applications as possible:

  • 50-LFA-3: Very compact 3-element Yagi with low-noise LFA dipole, thanks to 2.14 m short boom also usable in difficult space conditions. The gain is 8.92 dBi, with vertical stacking of 2 antennas a value of 11.26 dBi can be achieved.

  • 50-LFA-4-N: 3.40 meter long 4-element Yagi with optimized front-to-back ratio, specially designed for environments where a lot of RF interference is expected, e.g. in cities.

  • LFA3-HG: 5-element yagi with very short boom and small wind load (therefore ideal for "stacking" to maximize the gain even further, even if there is no space for longer yagis). This antenna was designed for the best gain with a relatively short boom. The SWR in the range 50-50.4 MHz is less than 1.4:1, the gain is about 10.7 dBi. The low profile LFA3 dipole provides very low noise.

  • 50-LFA-6-3: Low noise 6-element Yagi, with double guyed, 8.2 m long boom. The antenna has been specially optimized for FT-8 digital mode.

  • LFA-MAX: 6-element yagi, which was originally developed for DK1MAX. It is about 1m shorter than other 6 element antennas with only 0.7 dB lower gain. The transmit power is max. 5 kW (depending on the balun used!), the SWR in the range 50-50.4 MHz is less than 1.2:1, the gain is about 11.2 dBi.
    Due to the short boom length and the compact turning radius of only 3.2m it is well suited for situations with limited space. The low noise LFA dipole allows operation in the city and is therefore well suited for "weak signal" DX on 6m.  A balun (choke, cladding wave lock) is required for operation.

  • LFA-HD: The 7 element yagi is designed for max. 5 kW transmit power, the SWR in the range 50-50.5 MHz is less than 1.2:1, the gain is about 12.8 dBi.
    The LFA-HD with its high gain is intended for high demands on DX and EME with flat elevation angle on 6m. Due to the guyed design the antenna achieves a special stability. The flat dipole ensures low noise, even when used in urban areas.

  • LFA-WOS: The 7 element Yagi has a particularly long boom and is thus trimmed for excellent F/B ratio. The max. allowed transmit power is 5 kW, the SWR in the range 50-50.45 MHz is less than 1.1:1, the gain is about 12.9 dBi.
    This antenna was specially designed for G3WOS, who was looking for a perfect antenna for 6m for his free standing mast. The relatively long boom provides good gain with excellent front/rear ratio, so the antenna is great for EME and "weak signal" DX.

  • LFA2: The 8 element LFA2 Yagi is really long, but has an excellent free space gain of 13.6 dBi! A 1:1 balun is recommended. The max. transmit power is 5000 W.
    The mighty 8 element Yagi with almost 12m boom length is only for situations with sufficient space. But for this you get an antenna with excellent gain and at the same time excellent front/rear ratio! The high manufacturing quality allows these antennas to be used several times without having to fear that you have to repair something every year. A basic requirement for large antenna systems!

  • LFA-HZE: The top model from this series has 10 elements on a mighty 17.7 m boom guyed with Kevlar ropes. An excellent antenna for EME thanks to the low noise design with highly effective side lobe suppression.
Technical Data
Product Name InnovAntennas 50 MHz Monoband LFA Yagis
Antenna mount Center Mount
Antenna Type Directional Antenna
Design of antenna Yagi
Band 6m
Brand Innov Antennas
Frequency Range 50.0 - 50.5 MHz
Max. Power [W] 5000 W
Polarisation Horizontal
Balun Included No
Supported Bands 6m
InnovAntennas 50 MHz Monoband LFA Yagis
InnovAntennas 50 MHz Monoband LFA Yagis

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