Current Balun (Choke) 144/432 MHz 1kW

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Top Features

  • Max. 1000W transmitting power
  • Wide frequency range 100-500 MHz
  • Waterproof sealed
  • For 'Element Thru-Boom' antennas

Supply Scope

  • InnovAntennas Balun

Technical description BALUN-2-1KW-TB

In contrast to wound baluns, baluns with ferrite rings have the advantage of being much more broadband. The connection is ring lugs on one side - as required for most Yagi antennas from InnovAntennas - and an N jack on the other side. The cable is filled with a UV-resistant adhesive. To further protect the screw terminals against corrosion, 'Rubbaseal' is recommended.

This balun is specially designed for antennas where the elements are not attached on or under the boom, but run through the boom.

Application description BALUN-2-1KW-TB

Current baluns (aka chokes) are excellent for suppressing cladding waves. These always occur at the transition from unbalanced coaxial line to balanced dipole. Sheath waves can cause interference in your own or neighboring equipment. In addition, a current balun also often helps to reduce noise from nearby electrical equipment, which is also caused by sheath waves.

Technical Data
Product Name BALUN-2-1KW-TB
Impedance (Ω) 50 Ohm
Transformation Ratio 1:1
Brand Innov Antennas
Type of balun Current Balun (Choke)
Max. Power [W] 1000 W
Frequency Range 100 - 500 MHz
Connector N female, eyelets

InnovAntennas (UK) not only manufactures antennas for commercial services and for discerning radio amateurs, but also the necessary accessories such as baluns. On request, these baluns are also available for higher powers.

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