Compact directional antenna
Excellent F/B ratio
Low weight

InnovAntennas Moxon Beams

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Top Features

  • Compact monoband antenna
  • Good gain with short boom
  • High transmit power - 7 kW
  • Flat SWR curve

Supply Scope

  • Moxon antenna
  • Pole clamp 50 mm
  • Mounting instructions

Technical description

The Moxon antenna consists of two elements (radiator and reflector) whose ends are bent towards each other. The gap is bridged by a non-conductive rod to give the antenna stability. The result is a rectangular directional antenna (directivity gain) and a very good front-to-back ratio.

The square boom uses high quality aluminium, all mounting parts are made of stainless steel or UV-resistant plastic. The coaxial cable is attached directly to the radiator with M4 screws, a balun is not required. However, there is nothing to prevent the use of a choke. Without a choke, the maximum permissible transmission power is about 7000 W.

Application description

The Moxon antenna bears the name of its inventor, Les Moxon, G6XN. For many decades, this design has been known as one of the most compact directional antennas. It is characterised by a good gain with an excellent front-to-back ratio.

The angled elements make the antenna much narrower, so it still fits on top of any terraced house. Justin Johnson, G0KSC of InnovAntennas then further optimised these antennas for each band individually. Thus, with great care, an exact computer model was developed with the latest software, and the results were then transferred into a real product with a lot of experience. Radio amateurs from all over the world benefit from the result - a compact and robust directional antenna with excellent performance data. 

The model for 10m has a bandwidth of approx. 1 Mhz and can also be used on 11m. By changing the length, the antenna can be tuned from 27 to 29 MHz. The instructions describe the tuning process in detail.

Technical Data
Product Name InnovAntennas Moxon Beams
Antenna mount Center Mount
Antenna Type Directional Antenna
Design of antenna Moxon
Antenna Guying No
Brand Innov Antennas
Front/Back ratio [dB] 29.91
Peak Front/Back Ratio [dB] 30 dB
Gain [dBi] ( (above ground) 11.13
Gain [dBi] (free space) 6.13
Peak Gain (free space) [dBi] 6.15
Max. Power [W] 7000 W
Mono-/Multiband Monoband
Number of Elements 2
Polarisation Horizontal
Balun Included No, not required
Boom Size 32 x 32 mm
Connector Screw Terminal
Strut no
Impedance (Ω) 50
Max. Mast Diameter [mm] 50 mm
InnovAntennas Moxon Beams
InnovAntennas Moxon Beams

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