InnovAntennas XR-Yagi Series

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Top Features

  • 3 to 7 bands ✔️ 6 to 14 elements ✔️ 1 cable ✔️
  • No traps, no matching links, no hairpins
  • Only one feed line for all bands
  • Very robust construction with favourable packing size

Supply Scope

  • XR_ antenna
  • Pole clamp 50mm
  • Mounting instructions (EN)

Technical description

The XR-Yagi from InnovAntennas (UK) exists in 9 versions for the classic shortwave bands from 20 to 10 + 6m and for one model also including 4m. The boom is only 3.6m long, the maximum element length for the 20m band can be shortened (8.8m) or 'fullsize' (11.6m). The max. permissible wind speed is 172 km/h.

All types of InnovAntennas XR series use only one coaxial cable for all bands. The cable is connected directly to the radiator without a balun. To protect the end of the cable, the manufacturer Innov Antennas recommends liquid rubber compound such as the "Rubbaseal" offered. The mounting hardware uses seawater-resistant stainless steel; the aluminium used is type T6 6066/6082, which is also used in aviation. The insulators are UV-resistant.

The antenna works on the principle of nested yagis on a boom. In the design, care was taken to ensure that no more than the elements of three bands are interleaved in order to minimise mutual interference. The elements of the XR series are untruncated, i.e. no lossy traps, mechanically sensitive hairpins or other matching elements are used. Thus, the antenna achieves high efficiency and uncomplicated setup and matching. Another advantage is the high power handling of 10 kW and more, the transmission power is actually only limited by the coaxial cable.

Alternatively, the "XR_C" series (C=compact) is available, where the longest element for 20m could be shortened from 11.6 to 8.8m. This is done by adding roof capacity to the best-performing elements.

The XR series beams use a 50x50mm square boom with 2mm wall thickness. A square boom has the advantage that the elements cannot twist in the plane. On the other hand, it is slightly heavier than a round boom of the same stiffness. The XR yagis do not require any bracing of the boom. The longest elements are 35mm thick in the middle and taper relatively quickly to achieve a good compromise between weight and strength. This construction also helps to avoid constant vibration even in light winds.

Application description

The XR Yagis from InnovAntennas are the ideal antennas for all radio amateurs who want to enjoy the classic shortwave bands (XR3) as well as the WARC bands (XR5, XR6), but also want to get to know the "Magic Band" 6m (XR4, XR6, XR7) and also 4m (XR7).

The XR multiband beams are designed to require only one feed line. The one feed line is connected directly to the solid distribution rails of the fed elements. This makes installation on a mast with a rotor very easy. The XR series beams are thus perfectly suited for modern SDR transceivers, which allow simultaneous observation of multiple bands.

Due to the use of high-quality materials and a robust construction optimised over many years, the antenna is also suitable for use in difficult conditions - such as on the coast.
Due to this quality of construction and the absence of moving or electrically active components such as coils, traps, hairpins, etc., an InnovAntennas XR beam is maintenance-free for many years. The same features free from a sharp limitation of transmitting power, in principle 10 kW and more are possible.

With the larger multi-band Yagis, care has been taken never to interleave more than the elements of 3 bands. This is because each additional element on one band can lead to interference on one band. This negative effect was avoided by careful manual optimisation. The result is the best possible matching over a wider band range than other antenna designs. In most cases, no tuner is necessary; the SWR minimum can be precisely set by adjusting the element lengths.

All models of the XR series also exist in a 'compact' version (XR3C, XR4C etc.). Here, the longest elements have been shortened to make the use of these impressive antennas possible even where space is limited. The longest elements are electrically extended by passive roof capacitors, thus reducing the turning radius quite considerably.

Technical Data
Product Name InnovAntennas XR-Yagi Series
Balun Included No, not required
Mono-/Multiband Multiband
Design of antenna Yagi
Antenna Type Directional Antenna
Strut no
Antenna mount Center Mount
Antenna Guying No
Number of connectors 1
Brand Innov Antennas
Max. Power [W] 10000 W
Impedance (Ω) 50 Ohm
Connector Screw Terminal
InnovAntennas  XR-Yagi Series
InnovAntennas XR-Yagi Series

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As low as: €1,049.00
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