KE-137 QFH Antenna NOAA, ACARS 135/137 MHz

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WIMO Expert opinion

You enjoy the earliest possible reception of weather satellites as soon as they appear on the horizon. Interference due to field strength fluctuations? No problem, thanks to the circular polarization of the antenna. No weather can harm your antenna; it is designed to be robust and weatherproof. You can easily attach the antenna to various masts - flexibility thanks to the wide range of mast diameters.
With a size of approx. 100cm and a weight of approx. 1100g, the installation may be somewhat more complex. The specialization on frequencies around 137MHz could limit the reception of other frequency ranges.
Rodrigo Rodrigo "Rod" Herrera EA7JX WiMo Antennen-Experte

Circular polarised antenna for reception of NOAA weather satellites on 137 MHz, or ACARS transmissions on 135 MHz. The KE-137 is a quadrifilar helicoidal (QFH) antenna. Due to the construction of the antenna the satellites are picked up at a very low angle above the horizon, but equally well when right over the antenna.

The circular polarisation is required to compensate fluctations of the signal strength. And the same applies to aircraft and their ACARS transmissions on 135 MHz, which can be received with the same antenna. The antenna is weatherproof and intended for installation on a mast. Clamps for mast diameters from 25 to 65mm are included. Height c. 100cm, weight c. 1100g, connector PL female. 

Technical Data
Product Name KE-137
Mono-/Multiband Monoband
Brand Diamond
Supported Bands VHF Airband
Weight 1.8 kg
Frequency Range 127 - 139 MHz
Antenna Type Omni-directional Antenna
Design of antenna QFH Quadri-Filar-Helical Ant.
KE-137 QFH Antenna NOAA, ACARS 135/137 MHz
KE-137 QFH Antenna NOAA, ACARS 135/137 MHz

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