Kelemen Multiband Dipoles

Kelemen Multiband Dipoles

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Top Features
  • Lightweight construction - Low weight
  • Available for most popular band combinations
  • Available for different powers

Supply Scope
  • Kelemen Dipole
  • Balun included
  • Two insulators
  • Manual

Technical description

The Kelemen multiband dipoles are dipole antennas that try to achieve a reasonable compromise between length and available bands. In addition, the weight should be kept as low as possible due to the blocking circuits (traps), while still achieving good durability and robustness.

Kelemen dipoles use lightweight Teflon cable for the traps. The balun is intentionally not sealed watertight to save weight. The maximum allowable power depends on the balun and the design of the blocking circuits. Mostmodels of the Kelemen dipoles are tuned to the lower end of the band (CW range) and must be shortened when used in the upper band range (SSB).

Application description

A dipole is still the simplest and cleanest way to construct an antenna. To be able to cover several bands with one antenna, blocking circuits are used which shorten the antenna electrically. Blocking circuits also introduce a slight loss, but are always an excellent compromise for lightweight multi-band antennas.

The dipole can be suspended in different ways depending on the structural conditions and, depending on the height and suspension, achieves different directional characteristics. As an inverted-V set up close to the ground, it is an ideal omnidirectional antenna with strong steep radiation and thus good for local traffic. The higher the dipole hangs, the flatter the radiation, and the better the DX chances.

Due to the light construction of the Kelemen dipoles, the requirements for the guy points are not very high. For example, with inverted-vee setups, a fishing rod is usually sufficient as a mast: with horizontal suspension, a small tree with a pulley can often be used as a guy point. Insulators and rope clamps are included in the delivery. For installation, a short piece of non-conductive guy wire should still be used at the ends of the dipole.

Technical Data
Antenna Type Dipole


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