KiwiSDR 2, 0.01-30 MHz, with web interface

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Available from 28.06.2024

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Top Features

  • Frequency range 0.1 - 30 MHz
  • Operation via web interface
  • Access via Internet possible
  • Decodes FT4, FT8, WSPR, CW

Supply Scope

  • KiwiSDR 2 receiver with aluminum housing
  • Beagle Bone Green
  • GPS antenna
  • Pre-installed software
  • Instructions
The KiwiSDR 2 is an SDR ("software-defined radio") developed by New Zealand radio amateur John Seamons (ZL4VO/KF6VO), i.e. a receiver for the entire frequency range from 10 KHz to 30 MHz. It is based on a BeagleBone minicomputer (similar to a Raspberry Pi) onto which the RF part is plugged. Both reception and processing speed have been improved compared to its predecessor.

The unique feature is the built-in web interface (OpenWebRX). While other SDRs usually require a suitable USB driver and a program to be installed on the PC, with the KiwiSDR 2 everything is done via the web browser already installed on the PC. Simply connect the KiwiSDR 2 to the network via LAN, connect the antenna and you are ready to receive. Of course, the KiwiSDR 2 is extremely portable because it can be operated on any PC with a current web browser without any installation.
The software - Debian 11 Bullseye - is already pre-installed, which is why it can be operated directly "out of the box". Unlike its predecessor KiwiSDR 1, the first software update via the network is only carried out at night (between 01:00 and 05:00 local time), so that you do not have to wait an additional hour before starting up for the first time. The prerequisite for this is that the KiwiSDR2 is connected to the Internet.
Speaking of the network: The proxy service is activated by default, a connection can be established directly using the serial number, which can be found on the underside of the housing and on a printed supplement. This service can be configured or deactivated on the admin page. As this page ( can also be accessed via the Internet from any location, the default password should be changed as soon as possible.
When you connect to the SDR, you will notice that default values are already stored for the location, name and other details. These can be changed via the "Config" and "Webpage" tabs. If you want to make your receiver publicly accessible, you only need to adjust the settings in the "Public" tab. 

To improve access to the Beagle SD card slot in the new version, the Kiwi board has been mounted upside down in the housing, which is why the RF IN (antenna) and GPS 3.3 V (SMA) connectors are reversed compared to the KiwiSDR 1.

Time synchronization is carried out via a GPS antenna included with the device. The GPS signal is also used to calibrate the frequency conditioning. Up to 4 users can log on to the KiwiSDR 2 at the same time and work completely independently of each other over the entire bandwidth of 30 MHz. Tuning is done conveniently via the waterfall display or via direct input. The device can also be shared with other users worldwide via the Internet. There are already over 700 (!) KiwiSDRs accessible via the Internet worldwide. At you will find a comprehensive list and a location map. Have a listen! 

All you need for operation is a small 5V/2A power supply unit (2.1mm barrel connector). 
Technical Data
Product Name KiwiSDR 2
Supply Voltage [V] 5 V
Brand WiMo
Antenna Connector SMA socket
Frequency Range 10 kHz - 30 MHz
KiwiSDR 2, 0.01-30 MHz, with web interface
KiwiSDR 2, 0.01-30 MHz, with web interface

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incl. VAT, plus shipping €417.65

Available from 28.06.2024

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