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The LimeSDR board is a full duplex SDR transceiver for the frequency range from 100 kHz [1] to 3800 MHz (3.8 GHz). The board is used for the development and testing of software for broadband communication via radio. Applications are transmission methods such as GSM, UMTS, LTE or 5G. But also methods such as Wifi or radar are made possible by the full-duplex capability and MIMO. The LimeSDR is used a lot in research and education, but is also used by radio amateurs as a basis for SSB or DATV operation via satellites such as QO-100. The maximum transmit power is 10 dBm (10 mW CW), the maximum spectrum width is 61.44 MHz, the integrated AD converters have a word width of 12 bits.

The LimeSDR is an open source platform for SDR technology. All circuit diagrams, drilling and assembly plans, etc. are available under an open licence. The transceiver chip used is an LMS7002M from Myriad HF, which implements two independent transceivers. This enables full duplex operation and 2x2 MIMO. The chip's characteristics such as frequency, bandwidth, modulation, etc. can be easily changed by programming. On the LimeSDR board, a powerful Altera MAX10 FPGA supports the processing of the data stream, and 256 MB of memory is also available. Thus, the LimeSDR offers a very powerful development platform for Software Defined radio.

As one of the first SDRs, the LimeSDR offers support for the Snappy Ubuntu Core App System. This software environment allows software developers to easily provide their application (app) in a comprehensive format. The user can then download this app (snap) very easily and install it with all dependencies on the target system. In this way, the LimeSDR facilitates the development and investigation of radio techniques for students and teaching staff as well as for inventors and entrepreneurs who want to try out new ideas.

[1] The lower HF range up to approx. 30 MHz can only be used with limited sensitivity. See Wiki "LimeSDR HF Performance" (english).

Technical Data
Product Name LimeSDR USB Type B
Brand Lime Micro
Supply Voltage 5V
Supply Voltage [V] 5 V
Antenna Connector 10 x U.FL (6 x RX, 4 x TX)
Frequency Range (0.1-30) 30 - 3800, see footnote

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