LNA-5000 Broadband Mast preamplifier

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Supply Scope

  • LNA-5000 broadband mast preamplifier
  • Mast clamp
Wideband mast pre-amp from 50 up to 5000 MHz with excellent large signal rejection (IP3> 30dBm) and low noise figure, suitable for many applications: Scanner, receivers or to enhance sensitivity of measuring devices. Also suitable as low power amplifier with up to 20 dBm output, amplification c. 20dB, noise figure c. 2dB, N jacks, supply voltage 10 to 20V.

Direct DC feed or DC feed over coax, weatherproof cabinet incl. mast clamp. A Bias-T is not included! A suitable Bias-T is DCC-5000 (26138).
Technical Data
Product Name LNA-5000
Amplification (dB) 20
Noise Figure (dB) 2
Supply Voltage [V] 10 - 20 V
Brand SSB Electronic
Frequency Range 50 - 5000 MHz
Connector A N Socket
Connector B N Socket

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