QO-100 Up Converter 10W

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Top Features

  • In: 10m/6m/2m/70cm
  • Out: 13cm
  • Up to 10W output power
  • Input power 10mW to 5W
  • HF Vox

Supply Scope

  • QO-100 Upconverter-H

Technical description QO-100 Upconverter-H

The QO-100-Upconverter-H is a transmitter module for 13 cm and can be used excellently for the QO-100 Es'hail satellite. As IF (input signal) the four amateur radio bands 10 m, 6 m, 2 m and 70 cm are selectable, optionally the operation as output stage (without upconverter) is possible. For this purpose a SMD component has to be re-soldered.

An additional mixer signal is not necessary, the upconverter contains a highly accurate TCXO, the precise working PLL provides a clean transmit signal on the desired frequency. If available, however, an external clock signal can also be fed in. Additional output filters ensure a transmit signal with high spectral purity.

The PTT is generated internally by an HF vox, which can also handle SSB signals well. No PTT control signal is necessary. The input power can be between 10 mW and 5 watts, a protection circuit secures short-term unwanted power peaks. The operating voltage should be between 10 and 24 V, typically between 13.8 and 20 V are used. Current consumption is (at 20V) about 60 mA in stby, and 900 mA on air. The QO-100-Upconverter-H is designed and manufactured in Germany, the design is by DO5DSH.

Application description QO-100 Upconverter-H

To get QRV on the QO-100 satellite, a clean RF signal on the 13cm band is needed. Here an upconverter is used, so that already existing amateur radio transceivers can simply be used further. The transmit signal can be supplied by a shortwave or VHF transceiver. The QO-100 Upconverter-H can be set to 10m, 2m, 6m, 70cm or 13cm band input by jumper.

The maximum output power is 10 watts, so no additional power amplifier is needed for QO-100 operation. 10 Watt transmit power together with a small parabolic reflector is completely sufficient to reach the geostationary satellite safely.

The compact aluminum housing is used for passive cooling and can be easily accommodated in any shack thanks to its extremely compact external dimensions.

Technical Data
Product Name QO-100 Upconverter-H
Brand Localino
With 10 MHz reference input es
Enclosure Yes, with enclosure
Size W x H x D 105 x 30 x 80 mm

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