Buddipole 80m coil

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  • Buddipole 80m coil
These are the new low band coils which perform on frequencies to 3.5 mhz.

These coils are best utilized for medium DX contacts in a vertical configuration with single sloping counterpoise. A counterpoise of 20m is recommended.

In the dipole configuration with 2 coils it is recommended to add additional length to the antenna to cover all of the 80m band and to increase bandwidth. Our new long telescopic whips accomplish this.

Because of the high-Q of the coils and the short overall length of the dipole antenna for the low bands, bandwidth is minimized. In order to be able to have some tuning flexibility within the band it is recommended to use a small tuner at the transceiver.

In either the vertical (one coil) or dipole (2 coils) configuration it is necessary to use a balun with significant choking impedance to prevent RF feedback. Our TRSB (Triple-Ratio Switch Balun) is an excellent product for these applications.


The delivery consists only 1 coil, as for example is required for the buddystick. For a Buddipole you need 2 coils!
Technical Data
Product Name Low Band Coil
Brand Buddipole
Supported Bands 80m

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