RFspace LPDA-MAX Antenna

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Top Features

  • Wide frequency range
  • Flat and robust
  • Good gain
  • Low SWR

Supply Scope

  • LPDA-MAX antenna

Technical description LPDA-MAX

The LPDA-MAX is a PCB antenna, designed according to the logarithmic-periodic (LogPer) principle. The gain is approx. 4 to 7 dBi over the frequency range from 300 to 1000 MHz.

For mounting, the linearly polarised antenna offers mounting holes with 1 inch spacing at the end of the PCB. Connection SMA socket, SWR typ. better than 2.0:1, impedance 50 Ohm, max. 25 Watt transmitting power.

Application description LPDA-MAX

The LPDA-MAX is an antenna whose elements are mounted alternately on the top and bottom of a PCB, and whose length and spacing follow a logarithmic calculation. This design is called log-periodic (LogPer) and provides an enormous bandwidth with relatively constant gain and a flat SWR curve.

There are many applications for such antennas: besides IOT devices in the ISM and LoraWAN range (433 and 868 MHz), LTE and GSM systems (800 - 960 MHz) can also use this antenna. In the technical-scientific field, such antennas are used for ground radar devices, for example.

Technical Data
Product Name LPDA-MAX
Mono-/Multiband Multiband
Brand RF-Space
Length [m] 0.5 m
Supported Bands 450 MHz (LTE/4G), 700 MHz (LTE/4G), 800 MHz (LTE/4G), 900 MHz (GSM), ISM (433 MHz), ISM (868 MHz)
Weight 465 g
Frequency Range 300 - 1000 MHz
Antenna Type Directional Antenna
Design of antenna Log.Per.
Documentation Languages EN
Size W x H x D 400 x 8 x 500 mm
Gain [dBi] (free space) 70cm: 4; 900 MHz: 7
Gain 432 MHz [dBi] 4
Gain 900 MHz [dBi] 7
RFspace LPDA-MAX Antenna
RFspace LPDA-MAX Antenna

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