Adjustable 4-15V
40A max

Microset LS-40 Adjustable power supply 40A

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Top Features

  • Adjustable voltage 4 - 15 V
  • max. 40A output current
  • Digital display
  • Very low ripple
  • High efficiency > 90%

Supply Scope

  • Power supply unit with power cable
  • Operating instructions EN, IT

Technical description LS-40

The switching power supply LS-40 achieves an excellent efficiency of 90% and is therefore best suited for continuous operation. The output voltage is adjustable from 4 to 15V, the maximum current is limited to 40A. An electronic fuse provides protection against overload and overtemperature, and of course the power supply is protected by a fuse on the primary side. The very quiet fan with magnetic bearings is only turned up if necessary. The switchable digital display for voltage and current provides reliable information about the operating status of the LS-40 power supply unit. The mains cable with Schuko plug is firmly attached.

Application description LS-40

Adjustable power supplies with high load capacity like the LS-40 are ideal for communication technology or for experimental set-ups in the laboratory. The adjustable output voltage makes it very versatile for use in electronics development, and the protection devices against overload and overtemperature also allow continuous operation without constant supervision. Due to the very low ripple (typ. =< 40 mV), the LS-40 is also well suited for analogue circuits and for radio technology.

Technical Data
Product Name LS-40
Voltage Display Digital
Outout current (continous) 40 A
Brand Microset
Weight 2 kg

Microset (Italy) is known as a supplier of high-quality power supply and communication solutions. The breadth of the product range is impressive, both in terms of efficient switched-mode power supplies and in terms of classic series-regulated power supplies.

Microset LS-40 Adjustable power supply 40A
Microset LS-40 Adjustable power supply 40A

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incl. VAT, plus shipping €208.32

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