Yaesu Microphone M-70

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Supply Scope

  • Yaesu Desktop Microphone M-70
  • Microphone adapter 8 pin to RJ-45
  • User manual JP, EN

The perfect match for your transceiver! The Yaesu M-70 desktop microphone is designed for the majority of large and small Yaesu transceivers and offers very good voice quality and good features.

Which microphone suits my operating style?

When choosing a microphone, you should consider several aspects

  • the frequency range of the actual microphone capsule (hi-fi or narrow DX modulation),
  • the comfort of use (equaliser and preamplifier yes/no),
  • the exact match to the transceiver.

For the friends of sonorous Hifi modulation Yaesu offers the microphones M-1 and M-100. These microphones contain two switchable microphone capsules and thus support QSO with full modulation with a wide bandwidth, but also the DX or contest connection where maximum intelligibility is important. The top-of-the-range M-1 microphone also offers a built-in equaliser, an LC display, voice pickup and much more.

The M-70 is a table microphone designed for everyday use. It is also suitable for radio amateurs who do not use it every day, but for whom a simple handheld microphone is not enough and too uncomfortable. The M-70 offers a frequency response of 30 - 17000 Hz, which is adapted to radio communication. A switchable high-pass filter limits the frequency response to 340 Hz in the lower range.

The M-70 fits almost all Yaesu transceivers of the last years, see technical data. The universal microphone cable allows the use of transceivers with RJ-45 socket as well as transceivers with 8-pin round socket (so-called 'Foster' plug). Some older transceivers require an additional power supply unit; with more modern radios, the microphone is supplied via the radio.

Older radios which require an additional power supply:

FT-747, FT-840, FT-850, FT-990, FT-1000

Technical Data
Product Name M-70
Suitable for FT-1000, FT-1000MP, FT-1000MP Mk-V, FT-1000MP MkV Field, FT-747, FT-817, FT-818, FT-840, FT-900, FT-920, FT-950, FT-990, FT-DX10, FT-DX9000, FT-2000, FT-450D, FT-857, FT-891, FT-897, FT-991, FT-DX101D, FT-DX101MP, FT-DX1200, FT-DX3000, FT-DX5000, FT-850
Brand Yaesu
Microphone Impedance 600
Type of microphone (electr.) Electret (Condenser)
Weight 450 g
Connector RJ-45 + 8pin Foster
Documentation Languages EN
Yaesu Microphone M-70
Yaesu Microphone M-70

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