mAT-1500 Automatic Tuner 1500 W

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  • mAT-1500 Tuner

Automatic Tuner up to max. 1500 Watt PEP (SSB/CW)

The mAT-1500 is an antenna tuner for high power levels up to 1500 W. Tuning takes place automatically as soon as transmit power is applied. Tuning takes place automatically as soon as transmitting power is applied. 5 to 10 W are required as driving power, max. 15 W. The tuning process is very fast because once found values for a frequency are stored in the memory, in the best case it takes only 100 ms for correct tuning. The mAT-1500 has 16000 memory locations for this automatic tuning.

A special feature of the mAT-1500 automatic tuner is the looping through of the PTT line. This allows the power amplifier to be looped in before the tuner, and the tuner interrupts the PTT line to the power amplifier during the tuning process. This avoids tuning with high power, and the tuner's relays cannot burn out. The prerequisite is that the tuner loops through the transmit signal (switches to bypass) when the PTT control is switched off.

The tuning range of the mAT-1500 tuner is about 6 to 1000 ohms, which corresponds to an SWR range of max. 10:1. With this, all coax-fed antennas can be matched, e.g. a G5RV with a balun at the transition between two-wire line and coax cable, abre also a wideband vertical antenna designed for power. In this way, a convenient antenna system can be set up for the entire shortwave range.

Technical Data
Product Name MAT-1500
Impedance Range (Ω) 6 - 1000 Ohm
Min. Tune Power (W) 5-10 W
Current Intake (A) 1A
Supply Voltage 10-15 V
Supply Voltage [V] 10 - 15 V
Number of Memories 16000
Tuner type Automatic Tuning
Brand mAT
Weight 4.5 kg
Max. Power [W] 1500 W
Frequency Range 3.5 - 54 MHz
Documentation Languages EN
Size W x H x D 320 x 240 x 90 mm
mAT-1500 Automatic Tuner 1500 W
mAT-1500 Automatic Tuner 1500 W

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