mAT-40 Outdoor-Tuner

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Supply Scope

  • mAT-40 tuner
  • mAT-40-D data cable, 10m
  • Stainless steel mounting bracket and 4 bolts with nuts

The mAT-40 tuner has a weatherproof metal housing and is intended for permanent outdoor use. It tunes end-fed wire antennas or wire loops. A high-voltage screw terminal is provided on top of the tuner for this purpose. The connection to the radio is made via a PL coax socket on the bottom of the tuner. The power supply and control signal is provided by a waterproof screw connection, also on the bottom. A 10m long cable is included. This cable must be adapted to the respective transceiver with an optionally available interface cable. Interface cables for Icom, Kenwood and Yaesu are available. For other radios, the manufacturer offers a universal cable for own adaptation.

The following transceivers are supported:

  • with mAT-40-M cable: All Icom with 4-pin tuner socket, all devices that support AH-3 or AH-4, with modification also the IC-M710 can be used.

  • with mAT-40-K cable: All Kenwood with 6-pin tuner socket, all devices that support the AT-250 or AT-300.

  • with mAT-40-Y cable: All Yaesu with 8-pin MiniDIN CAT socket supporting the FC-30, FC-40 or FC-50.

The tuner tunes antenna wires or rods from a length of approx. 2.5m on, whereby the efficiency is strongly limited with such short antennas. The suggested antenna length is 12m, other lengths are also possible. In some cases it may be necessary to connect a counterpoise wire to the tuner. A screw terminal on the underside is used for this purpose. Here, for example, the body of a vehicle or an electric counterpoise on a sailing ship can be connected. Stainless steel brackets are included for mounting. They are used for mounting on a mast or on the wall. M6 U-bolts from 25 to 100mm width can be used for mast mounting (not included). The tuner is weatherproof.

Operation is via the "Tune" button on the radio. This simplifies the tuning process by automatically switching to low power and CW, as well as switching back to the previously used transmission line and mode. The maximum transmission power may be 120W PEP, with RTTY and other continuous wave modes about max. 30W. The tuner tunes antennas in an impedance range from approx. 5 to 1500 Ohm.
Technical Data
Product Name MAT-40
Tuner type Automatic Tuning
Brand mAT
Weight 1.145 kg

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