Ansmann maxE Battery 4xAA 2100 mAh

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  • Ansmann maxE Battery 4xAA 2100 mAh

...the quantum leap in battery technology!

Due to the low self-discharge the charged Ansmann maxE batteries are ready for use for one year.

No special chargers required. maxE Batteries are sold fully charged and are ready for immediate use. Ansmann maxE batteries are available in AA sizes. Ideal for euqipment with low power consumption, for example remote controls, clocks etc. where a normal rechargeable battery with it's high self-discharge coulnd't be used before.

  • Pre-charged, rechargeable battery! Unpack - install - use!
  • Ready for use for one year after each charge!
  • Extremely low self-discharge!
  • No special chargers required!
  • Suitable for all devices
Technical Data
Product Name MAXE-4AA
Voltage [V] 1.2
Battery Type NiMH
Capacity [mAh] 2100
Brand Ansmann

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