5000 watts
4:1 ratio

DX Engineering Maxicore 4:1 Balun/Choke

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Top Features

  • 4:1 current balun (choke)
  • PL socket / two-wire connection
  • Up to 5 kW load capacity
  • Weatherproof
  • High comon mode blocking

Supply Scope

  • 4:1 Balun , 5 kW

Technical description MC20-C4-5

The Maxicore-20-4C-1 balun is a current balun with a transmission ratio of 4:1. By using two toroidal cores, the Maxicore balun achieves a particularly high power handling of up to 5 kW (CW, SSB). The usable frequency range is from 1.8 to 54 MHz.

The output impedance of the two-wire line is approx. 200 Ohm, the input impedance is 50 Ohm, PL socket connection. The balun is housed in a weatherproof casing with several ventilation holes on the underside to drain off unavoidable condensation. The housing is equipped with fixing lugs.

Application description MC20-C4-5

With a transmission ratio of 4:1 and its screw terminals for two-wire line, the Maxicore-20-4C-1 balun is particularly suitable for dipole antennas with balanced feed. These are normal dipoles such as a G5RV, but also resonant foldied dipoles with feed via two-wire line, fan dipoles. Other applications are loop and long wire antennae, Yagis with 200 Ohm feedpoint impedance and other designs.

The double toroidal core offers a very high load capacity due to its large cross-section, because this prevents the core from going into saturation. The maximum permissible transmitting power is 5 kW in SSB or telegraphy.

Technical Data
Product Name MC20-C4-5
Impedance (Ω) 50
Transformation Ratio 1:4
Brand DX Engineering
Type of balun Current Balun (Choke)
Weight 400 g
Max. Power [W] 5000 W
Frequency Range 1.8 - 54 MHz
Connector SO-239
Documentation Languages EN
Size W x H x D 101 x 50 x 101 mm

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