Carrying Handle IC-7200

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Supply Scope

  • Carrying handle IC-7200

The ICOM Carrying Handle for Radio IC-7200 is a practical accessory that gives your ICOM IC-7200 more mobility. With this handle you can transport your radio more comfortably and safely without worrying about damage to the controls.

This handle is specially designed for the Icom IC-7200 radio and offers a perfect fit. Installation is quick and easy as all the necessary screws are included. The handle is sturdy and stable and offers a reliable way to carry your radio, whether for outdoor use or for transporting it to the next event.

The ICOM carrying handle for the IC-7200 radio is also visually appealing and fits perfectly with the design of your radio. It is made of high-quality materials and offers a long service life.

If you are looking for an easy way to transport your Icom IC-7200 safely and comfortably, the ICOM Carrying Handle is the perfect solution. Protect your device from damage and make transport a breeze with this practical and robust handle.

Technical Data
Product Name MB-117
Brand Icom

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