Pota-Flex 6 Coaxial Cable

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Top Features

  • Robust construction
  • Highly visible in the field
  • Flexible and lightweight

Supply Scope

  • Pota-Flex 6 Coaxial Cable

The Pota-Flex 6 from Italian manufacturer Messi e Paoloni is an extremely robust, yet lightweight and flexible coaxial cable with an outer diameter of 5.9 mm. The dielectric is foamed, resulting in a very low attenuation in relation to the diameter.

It was specially developed for outdoor applications such as POTA (Parks on the Air), where extremely robust and highly visible cables are required. The reflective yellow sheathing of the cable ensures good visibility in the field and thus effective protection against the risk of tripping.

The shielding consists of 3 layers: 2 x braided copper wire with 120 wires each, copper foil underneath with a PE layer surrounding the dielectric. This not only provides ideal HF shielding, but also protects the cable from mechanical damage.

Technical Data
Product Name POTA-FLEX 6
Cable type Pota-Flex 6
Cable Length [m] per Meter
Brand Messi e Paoloni
Attenuation 2320 MHz (dB/100m) 42.5
Attenuation 1296 MHz (dB) 30.5
Attenuation 432 MHz (dB) 17
Attenuation 144 MHz (dB) 9.6
Attenuation 30 MHz (dB) 4.1
Attenuation 5000 MHz (dB) 65.2
Attenuation 6000 MHz (dB) 72.9
Velocity Factor 0.87
Max. Power @ 10 MHz 717
Max. Power @ 144 MHz 195
Max. Power @ 1000 MHz 71
Max. Peak Power 2900
Structure of the inner conductor Stranded Wire (19 x 0.29 mm)
Diameter center conductor 1.4 mm
Weight per Meter 35 g
Cable diameter [mm] 5.9
Impedance (Ω) 50
Cable Diameter > 5mm to 7mm
Pota-Flex 6 Coaxial Cable
Pota-Flex 6 Coaxial Cable

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