Diamond SX-200 SWR/Power Meter

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High performance meter well superior compared to the CB gear. All equipment features 12V DC input for powering the illumination and display LED's. However, can be operated at full functionalities without the external power supply.

Those meters having two separate RF sensors (see table) may be connected simultaneously to two transceivers with the appropriate antennas. Switchover between the sensors is done by means of a switch located in the box.

Technical Data:

  • selectable power meter 'mean value / PEP'.
  • select display either forward power / reflected power or VSWR
  • three selectable power ranges, see table
  • large meter, built-into a solid metal box
  • Precision ± 10% of full scale


SX - 27P Small SWR/Power-Meter for 2m and 70 cm upt o 60 W
SX - 100 for shortwave up to max. 3 KW
SX - 200 for shortwave and 2m, max. 200 Watt
SX - 400 2m and 70cm 140-525 MHz, max. 200 Watt
SX - 600 for HF and UKW, 2 sensors for 1,8- 160 MHz and 140-525 MHz
SX - 600N for HF and UKW, 2 sensors for 1,8- 160 MHz and 140-525 MHz, N
SX - 1100 for HF up to UHF, 2 sensors for 1,8- 160 MHz and 430-1300 MHz

More Information
Max. Power 200
Freq Range MHz (MHz) 1.8 - 200
Impedance (Ω) 52
Insertion Loss (dB) 0.17
Max. Power Handling 200W
Short Description Diamond SX-200 1.8-200MHz, 200 W
Title Diamond SX-200 SWR/Power Meter