MFJ-226 Antenna Analyzer 1-230MHz

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  • MFJ-226
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  • USB-A to USB-mini; 1.5 meter
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Portable Antenna analyser with graphical display, up to 230 MHz.

The MFJ-226 is a battery operated antenna analyser for the frequency range from 1 to 230 MHz. Thanks to it's design as a vectorial network analyser (VNA) the MFJ-226 is capable to measure complex values and present the results graphically as a Smith chart. Possible measurements are SWR, complex impedance (resistance and signed reactance), phase angle, return loss and much more.

Another important feature of the MFJ-226 analyser is the possibility to calibrate the system. With a measurement of open, short and load (OSL) a better accuracy is achieved. Further existing cable losses and phase shifts can be eliminated from a measurement. Calibration data can be stored for later recall for four different setups.

For measurements the MFJ-226 offers 32 memories. This is very useful when doing measurements on the road, later you can transfer the measuremnt data to a computer. Measurements are done either in the "single frequency mode" on one fixed frequency, or in the "sweep frequency mode" while sweeping between two corner frequencies. This latter mode allows for the measurement and display of SWR graphs over an entire frequency band. Measurements can also be done b computer cntrol over the USB interface.

The MFJ-226 analyser offers a graphical LC display and an easy to operate keyboard, both backlit. A USB port is used to transfer measurement data to the computer as well as for firmware upgrades. Power supply is done by two AA cells. The solid case is suitable for field-use. Size of the MFJ-226 is 165 x 80 x 32mm, the weight incl. batteries is c. 300g.
Technical Data
Product Name MFJ-226
Brand MFJ
Weight 300 g
Frequency Range 1 - 230 MHz
Connector N Socket
MFJ is a very well known and leading manufacturer of amateur radio products and accessories. For more than 40 years, MFJ has been developing and producing innovative products in the USA that no radio station should be without. The product range extends from radios and antennas to tuners and individual components.
MFJ-226 Antenna Analyzer 1-230MHz
MFJ-226 Antenna Analyzer 1-230MHz

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incl. VAT, plus shipping €403.78

No longer available

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