MFJ-259D Antenna Analyzer 0,1 - 230MHz

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  • MFJ-259D Antenna Analyzer
  • Banana plug
  • Instruction manual german

With the MFJ-259D get your antennas properly tuned for maximum performance. Connect to the feed line, set the bandswitch and tune the dial - just like a transceiver. Read the antenna SWR and complex impedance. By tuning through you see instantly the antenna resonance frequency.

Frequency range MFJ-259D: 0,1 - 230 MHz

Frequency range MFJ-269D: additionally 415-470 MHz.

The new model MFJ-259D has two additional frequency ranges: 100-160 and 280-520 kHz.

External 12V supply or internal batteries (10x AA size).

  • RF signal generator 1.8 - 170MHz
  • Frequency counter with 0.1Hz accuracy
  • SWR Analyzer
  • Measure complex antenna impedance
  • Dip meter (with option MFJ-66)
  • Optional bag

Technical Data
Product Name MFJ-259D
Impedance (Ω) 50
Brand MFJ
Weight 684 g
Frequency Range 0.1 - 230 MHz
Connector PL
MFJ is a very well known and leading manufacturer of amateur radio products and accessories. For more than 40 years, MFJ has been developing and producing innovative products in the USA that no radio station should be without. The product range extends from radios and antennas to tuners and individual components.
MFJ-259D Antenna Analyzer 0,1 - 230MHz
MFJ-259D Antenna Analyzer 0,1 - 230MHz

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incl. VAT, plus shipping €378.99

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