MFJ-4416BRC Remote-Control-Unit

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Supply Scope

  • MFJ-4416BRC Remote Control Unit
  • CAT 5E cable, 2 metres
Suitable for the Voltage Booster MFJ-4416C the MFJ-4416BRC is a remote control and display unit. The device shows the input and out voltage on large analog instruments, given you an instant overview of the current power supply situation. At the same time an audible alarm for 'low battery' can be enabled and disabled from the remote control. Finally the operation can be switched from 'continous boost' to 'boost on transmit'. The latter function requires the feed of the HF signal to the voltage booster.

The voltage booster MFJ-4416C and the remote control unit MFJ-4416BRC are connected with a standard Ethernet cable with RJ-45 plugs. The maximum length is not specified by the manufacturer, it can be several meters. Size 13 x 8 x 5 cm (W x H x D).
Technical Data
Product Name MFJ-4416BRC
Brand MFJ

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