MFJ-904 Antenna Tuner 150W

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  • MFJ-904
  • DC Connector

MFJ-904 Compact Tuner

The MFJ-904 is a compact tuner for the shack or on the road. With two variable capacitors and a coil in T-circuit, the 904 matches almost all antennas from 80 to 10m, up to 150W transmit power.

All coaxial cable-fed antennas can be used. End-fed wires can also be used, in which case the tuner must have a good earth connection.

The tuner is equipped with a "bypass" switch, so that a well-matched antenna on some bands can be used permanently without having to remove the tuner every time. The built-in SWR meter shows forward and reverse power with a cross needle instrument, the measuring range is switchable between 0-30 and 0-300W. This makes the tuner also well suited for QRP equipment. The instrument is illuminated, for this purpose a 12V connector is available on the backside.

Technical Data
Product Name MFJ-904
Min. Tune Power (W) 3 W
Supply Voltage 12 V
Supply Voltage [V] 12 V
Remote Control capabilities No
Tuner type Manual tuning
Color Black
Brand MFJ
Weight 570 g
Max. Power [W] 150 W
Frequency Range 3.5 - 30 MHz
Documentation Languages EN
Size W x H x D 185 x 57 x 70 mm

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