ARCO Extension: LoRa Communication

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Top Features

  • Wireless connection of ARXC modules to ARCO controller
  • Long range
  • Optionally for 433 or 868 MHz

Supply Scope

  • 1 set (2 pieces) microHAM communication modules
  • 2 antennas

Technical description

The microHAM ARXC.LORA modules allow wireless connection of ARXC components to the ARCO controller. Under favorable topographical conditions, even distances of several kilometers can be bridged, which of course would not be possible with a conventional cable.

The transceiver modules transfer the bidirectional RS-485 communication data generated between the ARCO and ARXC modules into RF data.

Two versions are available for the transmission range:

  • 868 MHz (EU)
  • 433 MHZ (EU, USA)

Although a greater range can be expected with the 433 MHz modules, in busy areas -due to less interference- the use of the 868 MHz variant may be advantageous.

Both models are not intended for use in IARU Region 3 (e.g. Australia, China, India, Japan, ...).

The ARXC.LORA modules do not require any software setup in the ARCO controller, as they are already configured at the factory and ready for immediate use.

The specified weight refers to 1 unit, the dimensions do not include protruding parts (e.g. lugs for screw connection).

Note: To operate the ARXC extensions, a software update of the ARCO controller may be required, which is available on the microHAM website.

Application description

ARXC modules are accessories for ARCO rotator controllers that provide advanced control and additional functionality. The modules are mounted in IP65 enclosures designed for outdoor operation.

ARCO supports up to four concurrently daisy-chained ARXC modules. ARXC accessories connect to the ARCO's D-SENSOR connector, requiring only 4 wires of standard CAT5 cable. If it is not possible to run an additional signal cable to the antenna site, ARCO can connect the ARXC modules together with a pair of ARXC.LoRa modules for a wireless connection over a distance of several kilometers. 

The delivery includes two pieces of LoRa modules, enough for a distance from the controller to the location of the relays or compass. The modules are set up ready to use, nothing needs to be configured. Just connect power (12V) and signal and go, one module to the ARCO, one module to an ARXC.REL or ARXC.MAG module. Multiple LoRa modules can also be used simultaneously to reach multiple locations (mesh system).

Technical Data
Product Name ARCO Extension: LoRa Communication
Brand microHAM
Size W x H x D 89 x 41 x 62 mm
Supply Voltage [V] 12 V
Weight 135 g
ARCO Extension: LoRa Communication
ARCO Extension: LoRa Communication

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As low as: €298.00
incl. VAT, plus shipping €250.42

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