Linear power supply 13.8V, 22A/28A

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Top Features

  • Noiseless, without fan

Supply Scope

  • Power supply unit with 230V power cable
  • Manual EN/IT

The Microset power supplies of the PT series are built quite classically with a transformer and linear stabilization. In addition, they are overdimensioned and thus manage completely without a fan. The result is wonderful silence - both on the band because no radio interference can occur, and in the shack because no fan is howling. Of course, such robust power supplies are larger and heavier, but under the station table this is hardly noticeable. The main thing is silence :)

The power supplies are all equipped with different protection circuits: Overvoltage on the output side, overload and short circuit. Even a permanent short circuit is detected by the circuit and does not destroy the power supply! This is an investment for the whole radio operator's life... The generously designed regulation offers a very low ripple of approx. 20mV as well as a stability of max. 0.5% at load change.

According to the manufacturer, a current output of 25 A for the duration of 5 Steuden, as well as 22A over a period of 24 hours is possible.

Current: 35 A (maximum current for a 50:50 cycle)

Continuous current: 22 A (time test 5h 22A)

Output voltage: 13.8 V DC

Load stability: ±0.5 mV

Input voltage: 230 ±10% V AC

Dimensions: mm 185 x 300 x 189

Weight: 10 kg

Which power supply for which application?

  • PT-107A perfect for QRP radios, SDRs, handheld radios and other small radios
  • PT-110A fits for small FM radios, QRP transceivers like the FDM-DUO, IC-703 or several small loads
  • PT-120 the right power supply for FM mobile radios with high power, or a small KW transceiver
  • PT-135/B sufficient power also for large HF transceivers with full power
Technical Data
Product Name PT-135B
Ripple (mV) 20 mV
Voltage Display No
Outout current (continous) 22 A
Output current (peak) 35 A
Brand Microset
Weight 10 kg
Size W x H x D 185 x 189 x 300 mm
Linear power supply 13.8V, 22A/28A
Linear power supply 13.8V, 22A/28A

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incl. VAT, plus shipping €285.71

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