Cable Microkeyer Stepp-IR

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The microKEYER-II is a highly integrated station controller which supports all modes. Regardless whether you do phone, digital modes or CW - the microKEYER-II supports you.

The integrated USB sound card has various advantages: first it does offer a much better signal to noise ratio than the most internal soundcards; second it has a much wider dynamic range. Both is very helful for improved decoding of weak signals. And additonally the internal soundcard remains free for it's original purpose (system sounds etc.). And you have only one cable between the interface and your computer - everything, also the audio is carried by the one USB cable. The integrated USB soundcard of the microKEYER-II has two audio channels and supports both main and sub receiver of some radios.

Besides the well known features like a universal CAT/CI-V interface, sequencer control for PA and LNA keying, support for foot key PTT, connection for an optional PS/2 keyboard, K1EL WinKey chip for precise CW keying, the microKEYER-II offers some very interesting features:

The LC display is widely configurable and shows for example the sent data in CW and RTTY, or the current CW speed, or the current frequency of the transceiver. Very helpful while configuring the device and also during the DX work.

One additional CI-V connection, which works in parallel to the usual CAT interface, allows for a very easy integration of other Icom devices like the Icom PW-1 power amplifier. Even if the transceiver is not by Icom!

A further additional serial port (ILink) allows the seamless integration of other devices, like the SteppIR or Ultrabeam antenna controller or a automatic antenna tuner - very useful.

The features of the microKEYER-II in detail:

  • Integrated USB soundcard with high dynamic range and excellent SNR for better decoding

  • Two audio channels for Main/Sub receiver

  • Newly designed microphone matching allows the use of nearly any microphone

  • two microphone connections supported at the same time (e.g. hand mike and headset)

  • Simplyfied ccontrol and selection of audio sources

  • Continously adjustable microphone gain, separated for two microphones

  • Automatic selection of microphone

  • Output power of the soundcard sufficient to drive a headset, for Echolink, VoIP, Skype etc.

  • 2 Watt amplifier for connection of a monitor speaker

  • Separate volume control of the monitor for CW sidetone, DVK and AFSK

  • Display on the front shows status (recording, playback) of the soundcard

  • Automatic microphone muting when using ditial modes


  • Sequencer control for LNA/PTT to switch a separate pre amplifier or receiving antenna

  • VOX support for PA keying

  • Direct support for QSK operation with PA

  • Digital VOX: automatic PTT keying when audio is sent over the soundcard

  • TX inhibit for hotswitch protection ad transmitting under critical conditions (transmit path not ready)

  • Faster (3ms) keying relay


  • K1EL Winkey Chip for precise timing of keying

  • Integrated, high level paddle debouncer/interface

  • Visual indication of keyer speed

  • Optional 'paddle only' sidetone

  • Display of transmitted CW characters

  • Integrated contest serial number

  • Supports PS72 keyboard or numeric keypad for memory recall

FSK & Digital

  • Low nois/high gain audio chain with independently controlled line amplifiers for unbeatable weak signal decoding

  • Automatic sound card line input select for digital modes

  • Transmitted data display (FSK RTTY only)

Other functions

  • Customizable, two line LC display with adjustable backlight

  • Separate power jack with power monitoring

  • Separate On/Off switch

  • CI-V output with simulated Icom 'transceive data' when connected to a supported radio allows use of IC-PW1 with non-Icom transceivers

  • Proprietary serial port (ILink) simulates antenna/tuner control protocols (support for SteppIR, Ultrabeam, antenna tuner)

  • FH-1/FH-2 or equivalent keypad for memory control

  • Uses the same DB37 cable sets as microKEYER

Note: microKEYER II™ is a hardware product - it "fully supports" a radio when microHAM releases a cable set designed to interface microKEYER-II to the specific input/output requirements of a supported transceiver. Due to differences in features and control protocols among transceivers, the support software (microHAM USB Device Router) may not implement decoding of operating mode and/or frequency, automatic selection of mode, frequency/mode dependent configurations, and/or FSK for all supported radios.

Automatic selection of frequency/mode dependent configurations is a user interface enhancement. The ability of microHAM USB Device Router to provide automatic selection of operating configuration does not mean that a specific transceiver is, or is not, supported.

Note: All recent version of Windows (XP, Vista, Windows 7 32/64 Bit) are supported since version 7.6.1.. Windows 98 is not supported by microKEYER-2!
Technical Data
Product Name MK-ILINK-STE
Brand microHAM
Cable Microkeyer Stepp-IR
Cable Microkeyer Stepp-IR

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