Buddipole mounting kit

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Supply Scope

  • mounting plate (75 x 46 x 2 mm)
  • a 10m radial
  • toggle nut for 1/4" threaded bolt
Buddistck Mounting Kit

The Buddipole Mounting Kit consists of a metal mounting plate (75 x 46 x 2 mm), and a radial. On the mounting plate is an insulated receptacle for a 3/8" thread, here a vertical antenna like the Buddistick or the MP-1 is mounted. From below the mount has a PL socket for connecting the antenna cable. The ground of the cable lies on the plate and connects to a screw terminal for one or more radials. The approx. 10m long radial is wound on a reel. A toggle nut for 1/4" threaded bolts is included, if the mounting kit can be mounted directly on the Buddipole VAC clamp (Vertical Adaptor Clamp, 11420.VAC). The mounting plate has several holes that allow the plate to be mounted in other ways, for example with screws on a wooden beam.

The mounting kit is included with the Buddistick Deluxe.
Technical Data
Product Name MKT
Weight 181 g
Brand Buddipole

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