MLA-100 Transistor-PA (100W, 160-6m)

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  • MLA-100 Transistor PA (100W, 160-6m)
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The MLA-100/MLA_100V is an amplifier which perfectly suited for QRP radios with 5 W transmit power. With 5W drive power the amp reaches 100W output power on the bands from 160 to 10m, on 6m an drive input of 8W is required to achieve 80W output. The transmit/receive switching is done with pin diodes, this is absolutely silent and very fast. This makes this amplifier suitable for use in QSK telegraphy traffic (full-bk), if you use a PTT cable and not the HF vox. The extensive pin diode switching is also the reason for the comparatively high price of this amp (and the use of different amp modules which enable 6m capability).

The PÜTT keying is done with a simple PTT cable (Cinch socket), this is also the better method suggested by the manufacturer. Alternatively you can use the HF vox keying, but this works much slower. When using HF vox, full bk is not possible anymore due to the long VOX delay (0.5 to 1 second). The MLA_100 can be operated without external fan when it is installed in a well vented place. A second model, the MLA_100V comes with a temperature controlled ventilator. The power cable is removeable, max. power copnsumption is approx. 16 A at 13.8 V DC.

The MLA-100 is controlled by push buttons on the front panel. It is possible to select the 6-way low pass filter manually, for example in while receiving. The current state is shown by LEDs. When switched off the maximum allowed power (by pass) is 50 W.
Technical Data
Product Name MLA-100
Output Power W (W) 100
Amplification (dB) 13 ±1
Display LEDs
Rx/Tx Switch PIN Diodes
Protection Measures Eingangsleistung, SWR, Temperatur
Brand RM Italy
Weight 1.5 kg
Max. Power [W] 100 W
Size W x H x D 191 x 170 x 70

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