Antennas Amplifiers PA144 Monoband Yagis for 2m

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Top Features

  • Balun included
  • very robust construction
  • good gain values

Supply Scope

  • PA144 Monoband Yagi
  • Mast clamp
  • guy material (not for all variants, see "Technical data")
  • Mounting instructions

Technical description

The popular YU1CF / Antennas Amplifiers 2 meter, 144 MHz Yagi antennas offer a good gain related to the antenna length. Side lobes are excellently suppressed. The development was done with "Full-3D EM" modeling software.

These antennas are characterized by their low noise design, suitability for wideband operation and are equally suitable for EME, terrestrial or FM repeater operation. They have excellent mechanical properties to withstand all wind and weather conditions.

Mast mounts and balun with "N" connector are included with all antennas. There are no "hidden costs", everything needed is already included.

Application description

A total of 15 variants of the 144 MHz Yagi are available. From operation to local repeater to demanding EME application - just choose the antenna that suits you.


Compact 5-element Yagi with slim 146 cm short boom, mounted in the center of the mast.


Also features 5 elements and a 146 cm boom length, but is designed for foremast mounting.


Corresponds to the PA144-5-1.5RB, but is vertically polarized.


6-element yagi with a 2-meter boom that can be disassembled into 2 parts of one meter each for transport.


Corresponds to the PA-6-2A, but is designed for foremast mounting. In addition, a guy rope is used here to provide the necessary stability.


Corresponds to the PA144-6-2RA, but is vertically polarized.


8-element Yagi with a boom length still quite compact, 292 cm long boom, which is attached to the center of the mast. A guy wire is not required.


The 3m long boom of this 8-element antenna is designed for mast mounting. The boom is additionally supported by a guy wire.


The three-part, 467 cm long boom of this 9-element Yagi can be disassembled into 3 parts, each approx. 120 cm long, for transport. This antenna is suitable for contest and EME. Mounting is done in the center of the mast, guy wires are not required.


10-element Yagi with 572 cm long, non-guyed boom with short transport dimensions (approx. 120 cm). For temporary set-up, e.g. portable operation.


10-element Yagi with guyed, 572 cm long boom with short transport dimensions (approx. 120 cm).


Very low noise and therefore suitable for contest and EME 11-element Yagi with 5.72 meter long, three-part boom.


Corresponds to the PA144-11-6B, but has a guyed boom and is designed for wind speeds up to 180 km/h


7 meter long, guyed 12-element yagi, ideal for EME and Tropo. Load capacity 1500 watts. 


This very low noise 13-element Yagi offers excellent gain values, maximum power handling is 1500 watts. The boom is of course braced. However, with a length of 7.84 meters, it no longer fits on the roofs of many row houses.


This world champion antenna ("2 meter world best G/T Yagi on 9 meters boom antenna", manufacturer's specification) with 14 elements has a proud boom length of 8.85 meters and a power handling of 1500 watts. The gain is a sensational 16.9 dBi (in free space).


The largest antenna in the series is this 16-element high-performance Yagi. It is a stately 11.3 meters long and with a gain in free space of 17.5 dBi does not need to hide behind even longer antennas.

Technical Data
Product Name Antennas Amplifiers PA144 Monoband Yagis for 2m
Antenna Type Directional Antenna
Design of antenna Yagi
Band 2m
Brand Antennas Amplifiers
Strut no
Number of connectors 1
Antennas Amplifiers PA144 Monoband Yagis for 2m
Antennas Amplifiers PA144 Monoband Yagis for 2m

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