Diamond MR-73 light Dualband Magnet base antenna 2m/70cm, SMA

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Small Dualband magnet mount antenna 144/430MHz (2m/70cm) with knuckle. In contrast to the MR-75 the knuckle is held with a cross-head screw. Gain 0 dBd on 2m, 1-2 dBd on 70cm, max. power 10 Watt. Weight 80 Gr., length 50cm. With 3m cable with BNC or SMA connector. Diameter of magnet base 30mm. Suitable for mobile use up to 100 km/h, with a short external cable! Black anodized.
Technical Data
Product Name MR-73S
Mono-/Multiband Dual band
Brand Diamond
Supported Bands 2m
Polarisation Vertical
Antenna Type Omni-directional Antenna
Design of antenna Magnet base antenna

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