bhi DSPKR Speaker, 7 filter steps

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Low profile DSP loudspeaker with large diameter (c. 10cm) for rich audio. The proven DSP technology by 'bhi' does the trick: with the push of a button you select one of 7 levels of noise reduction. This gives you the perfect adaption for every situation. Very easy to operate and ideally suited for amateur radio, in a taxi, for police or fire brigades, anywhere where wireless is used. And of course especially useful in a vehicle...

Built in is a powerful 10W RMS amplifier, which greatly helps in a car or another noisy environment. The large volume control sits conveniently on top of the case, just besides the other controls (push button, LEDs). At the side a 3.5mm phone socket offer connection for an additional loudspeaker or for headphones.

A sleepmode helps to conserve power, an evermore important feature wether in the car or at home. With a single touch of the push button the DSPKR comes back to work... Protection circuits against overcurrent and wrong polarity assure an easy installation.

Please note that this loadspeaker was designed for optimal voice audio reproduction, and is nit very well suitable for music.

Technical Data:

Output power: max. 10W RMS

Power supply: 10 - 16V DC

Power consuption: max. 2A

Impedance: 8 Ω

Input level: min. 80-500mV, max. 6W

External loudspeaker connector: 4 Ω, 3.5mm Mono Klinkenbuchse

Power connector: 2.1mm DC connector coaxial

Audio connector 2m cable with 3.5mm phone plug
Technical Data
Product Name NE-DSPKR
Impedance [Ohm] 8
Brand bhi

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