DSP module für noise reduction, install into FT-817 and others

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No longer available


This product is not available anymore. Successor is the module of smae size and functionality NEDSP-1901.

Stamp size PCB (30x38mm) for internal use in most radios. Uses the same DSP technology as the well known loudspeakers. The module is simply installed in the AF line. Potentiometers for input and output lines are provided for required adjustments to different rigs. A LED serves as a tuning aid. 4 different filter shapes (or none) are selectable with one button.

This module is especially suitable for installation in the FT-817 transceiver. Due to it's small size it fits into the unit without sacrificing any space, say for the battery or similiar. The control button and LED are mounted in the upper cover of the FT-817.
Technical Data
Product Name NEDSP-1061
Brand bhi

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