DSP modul noise reduction, with amplifier

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Amplified DSP Noise Eliminating PCB Module - This module incorporates an on board power amplifier and has an integral microcontroller connected to a small keyboard assembly. The microcontroller and keyboard provide single button operation of all the module's functions. The module can be retrofitted into the speaker path of extension speakers like the Kenwood SP31, Yaesu SP8 and Icom SP20/21/23, or used to 'revive' your old receiver/transceiver by fitting the module into the speaker path of your equipment (space permitting). The module is supplied with Generic Instructions, a fused DC power lead, fitting kit and specific fitting guides for the Kenwood SP31 and Yaesu SP8. Requires 12-18V, includes cable and fuse.

Technical Data
Product Name NEDSP-1062
Brand bhi

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