OM-4001A Amplifier 4000W

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Top Features

  • Tubes 2x FU-728F
  • All bands from 160 - 10m, incl. WARC
  • Automatic tuning, automatic tape switching
  • Up to 4000 W power in SSB and CW
  • Up to 3000 W power in RTTY, FM, FT8 etc.
  • Drive power 40 - 70W
  • Input impedance 50 Ohm, SWR 1.5:1 or better
  • Gain approx. 17 dB
  • Output 50 Ohm Coaxial
  • Maximum SWR of the antenna 3:1
  • Suppression of harmonic emissions better than 50 dBc
  • Cooling: forced cooling by two fans (1x axial, 1x radial)
  • Size: 485 x 200 x 455 mm
  • Weight: 46 kg
  • Supply Scope

    • 2x pc’s mains cables with Schuko plug
    • 1x PTT cable RCA <> RCA jack
    • Set of spare fuses
    • 2x FU-728F ceramic tetrodes
    • Up to 4000 W output power
    • Fully automatic tuning
    • Many protection functions

    The OM-Power amplifier OM-4001A offers sufficient power. With two ceramic tetrodes of type FU-728F the PA provides up to 4000W output power in SSB and CW, and approx. 3000W in RTTY/FT8. Usually, 40 to 70 W drive power is sufficient to fully drive the PA (corresponds to approx. 17 dB gain). This ensure a trouble free operation with any typical 100W transceiver. The tuning is done fully automatically by the amplifier. Tuning takes about half a second if the frequency changes within one band, and about 2 seconds if the frequency changes to another band. As usual with the manufacturer OM-Power, the amp is protected against many error conditions and switches off automatically in case of emergency. Thus, too high SWR (from 3:1) is detected, as well as too high current at the anode, screen or control grid. Other sensors check the voltages, temperature or housing switches to ensure safe operation.

    The automatic tuning offers many advantages:

    • Automatic tuning by CAT interface of the transceivers from Icom, Kenwood, Yaesu, FlexRadio 6xxx, Elecraft, TenTec Orion, Apache Labs
    • Automatic integration of the microHAM devices microKEYER-II, microKEYER-III, microKEYER-2R(+)
    • Band switching by frequency measurement for radios without CAT Function
    • Automatic tape switching
    • Band Data AUsgang Yaesu compatible, for external band filters
    • Control of an antenna switch (max. 10 antennas) by BCD output
    • Remote control by Windows PC, free software, connection via Ethernet

    The OM-4001A is controlled via a 4.3" color touch LCD on the front panel. During normal operation, the output power and SWR can be displayed here, and a menu is available for settings. The processor used here stores error conditions to facilitate diagnosis in case of a problem. The data can be read out via the Ethernet interface. A special function is the automatic adjustment of the anode current (bias current), this makes a tube change very easy. The OM-4001A requires two separate phases of mains voltage for operation, but conversion to only one (adequately fused) phase is also possible.

    Technical Data
    Product Name OM-4001A
    Amplification (dB) 17
    Brand OM-Power
    Max. Power [W] 4000 W
    OM-4001A Amplifier 4000W
    OM-4001A Amplifier 4000W

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