OM-3006+ Power Amplifier 3000W w. LAN interface

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Top Features

  • Gu87b Tetrode
  • Monitoring and remote control via LAN

Supply Scope

  • OM-3006+ power amplifier with LAN

Technical description OM-3006+

The heart of the OM-3006+ linear amplifier for the 50 - 52 MHz frequency range (6m band) is the GU87b ceramic tetrode. The enhanced I/O box with LAN connection allows remote control of the amplifier via a network. The output power for all modes is 3000 watts.

The OM-3006+'s numerous protection features include protection against:

  • too high VSWR
  • too high anode voltage
  • too high grid current
  • grid voltage errors
  • errors in the heater voltage
  • mismatch of the PA

Additional safety is provided by a "switch-on lock" which prevents the unit from being switched on when open.

Optimal cooling is ensured by centrifugal and axial fans. Three operating modes are available for the axial fan.

The housing dimensions are 485 x 200 x 455 mm (width x height x depth).

Application description OM-3006+

A 4.3" color touch display is provided for easy and convenient operation of the OM-3006+. 

If a reflected power of more than 350 watts is registered, the device automatically switches to standby mode to protect against damage.

The power amplifier is connected to the LAN via an XPORT from Lantronix (type XP1001000-05R). For more information, see

The factory settings of the XPORT are:

IP address:



These are the default settings only. You can change these settings by accessing the XPORT Web GUI through your web browser. We do not recommend changing any other parameters of the XPORT interface as this may result in loss of communication. The default settings do not have a user name and password. It is strongly recommended to secure the web interface with user name and password.

Special software is required for remote control and monitoring via LAN. It is available free of charge and can be downloaded from the following address:

NOTE: For the correct functioning of the software it is necessary that the LAN ports 9999 and 10001 are accessible.

Technical Data
Product Name OM-3006+
Amplification (dB) 17 dB
Supported Bands 6m
Remote Control capabilities yes
Brand OM-Power
Max. Power [W] 3000 W
Weight [kg] 32.00 kgs

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