PA-13R Flat panel antenna 13cm, 9 dBD

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Flat panel antennas consist of one or more radiators in front of a reflector panel. This design leads to very flat and therefore robust and unobtrusive antennas, combined with high gain and high bandwidth. Very useful for packet radio user access or for the local ATV repeater.

Our flat panel antennas are made from waetherproof aluminum, all mounting hardware is stainless steel. All antennas can be mounted for horizontal or vertical polarisation and come including mounting bracket.

For extreme weather conditions some antennas are provide with a radome (cap), making them ideal for repeaters at remote lcoations with adverse weather.

  • Also available for GSM, see GSM Mobile antennas.

  • Also available for ISM and WiFi/WLAN , see WLAN antennas.

N-female connector

Technical Data
Product Name PA-13R
Tilt Mount Nein
Half Power Beam Width (3dB) Vertical 54
Half Power Beam Width (3dB) Horizontal 67
Mono-/Multiband Monoband
Gain 2.4 GHz [dBi] 11
Supported Bands 13cm
Polarisation Hor or Vert.
Antenna Type Directional Antenna
Design of antenna Panel Antenna
Size W x H x D 130 x 130
Weight [kg] 1.30 kgs