6m + 2m
8.5 + 12.1 dBi
2 connections

Dualband Yagi 6m, 4 El. + 2m, 8 El PA50-144-12-3

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Top Features

  • Dual band 6m + 2m
  • Ideal for limited space
  • 8 + 12 dBi gain
  • Two separate N-connections

Supply Scope

  • Boom tubes
  • Elements
  • Small parts
  • Pole clamp
  • Mounting instructions

Technical description PA50-144-12-3CBP

The PA50-144-12-3 is a dual-band Yagi for situations with limited space. The relatively short boom accommodates 4 elements for the 6m-band Yagi and 8 elements for the 2m-band Yagi. The dual-band antenna has two separate connections (N sockets), so simultaneous operation with two devices is possible. If necessary, a band filter must be used to avoid mutual interference. Both connections have a 1:1 current balun (choke).

The two-part boom is constructed from 30x30mm aluminium tubing and requires no bracing. The longest element on 6m is 3.10m long, resulting in a relatively compact turning radius of approx. 216 cm.

Application description PA50-144-12-3CBP

There is not always enough space for individual antennas on the mast. YU1CF created this antenna to be able to play on the two most important VHF bands (6 and 2m). With 8.5 dBi free space gain on 6m and 12.1 dBi on 2m, there is enough power available to take Tropo or Sporadic-E apertures with ease.

The two separate ports offer flexibility in equipment configuration. You can use two separate transceivers and monitor both bands at the same time. A bandpass filter may be required for transmitting to reduce mutual interference. The short boom length of only 292 cm allows installation even on a terraced house, the short transport length of 149cm is suitable even for fielddays or holidays.

Technical Data
Product Name PA50-144-12-3CBP
Weight 9.9 kg
Front/Back Ratio 145 MHz (dB) 27
Supported Bands 6m
Gain 50 MHz [dBi] 8.5
Gain 144 MHz [dBi] 12.1
Brand Antennas Amplifiers
Mono-/Multiband Dual band
Front/Back Ratio 50 MHz (dB) 21
Number of connectors 2
Number of Elements 4+8
Boom length [cm] 292 cm
Balun Included Yes
Max. Power 6m: 1000W, 2m: 500 W
Frequency Range 50-50.5 + 144-145 MHz
Polarisation Horizontal
Boom Size 30 x 30 mm
Antenna Guying No
Antenna Type Directional Antenna
Design of antenna Yagi
Strut no
Antenna mount Center Mount
Max. Mast Diameter [mm] 43 - 70 mm
Connector 2x N-Buchse
Documentation Languages EN
Antenna Amplifiers from Serbia develops and manufactures antennas with very high quality standards. Practical aspects like the easy assembly or the manageable packing size are not neglected.

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